November 2019

"The music business was my husband" Pat Chin VP Records

There can’t be that many 82-year-old dancehall and reggae svengalis. But Patricia “Miss Pat” Chin, who founded the VP Records shop....

Larry "Short man" Campbell - Jamaica

Short in stature but with a big heart Larry voluntarily installed the AC’s units donated by VRCA for the Labour Day project at Boy’s Town 2017.  A strong supporter of the vinyl fraternity in Jamaica he has attended and played at our MWE Meet & Greet 2014 Florida and 2018, Atlanta.

Whilst not a member of our planning team in Jamaica 2017, Larry actively sought sponsorship for the event and is always keen on making positive suggestions related to promoting vinyl collecting.

Harry "Bobby" Ross - Jamaica

Bobby Ross another member of Jamaica’s planning team 2017. An avid supporter of the Vinyl fraternity in Jamaica for several years and outside of Jamaica attended our MWE in Philadelphia 2006.  A team player; dependable; and does have a knack of getting things done. That is Bobby Ross

He is a co-host of the very popular Fridayz “Back A Yaad” show on the Collectors Korner Now (CKN) network.